My Style

Growing up, I can only recall a few times in my childhood where we would all get dressed up in matching outfits, of course, fight our way out the door, and struggle to make it to our appointment for the dreaded family portrait photos.  Now, someone may have been in tears, maybe missing a shoe, definitely a hole in a stocking, Dad may have “forgotten” to shave on purpose, and mom was most likely running around yelling “who used all of my hairspray?" Good times, right?

Now, thirty-something years later, as a photographer and a mother, it is no wonder to me that we made it to only a few of these sessions over the course of my entire childhood.  It just wasn't for us. We were not perfect.  We were not always dressed in our best, or ready to smile.  We were, however, a family who always laughed, played, sang, cried, travelled, made a mess, hugged, kissed, and most of all loved to the fullest.  This is what I want to remember when I see photos of my family.  

I realize now, that I view photography and my clients with this same outlook.  Sometimes posing and smiling is just "not your thing".  I truly believe that my clients will see the priceless value in capturing the real, honest moments of their day-to-day life.  My clients will see that their photos can be so much more than a pose and a smile, more than the perfect outfit, or the perfect location.  

It is our everyday, our ordinary, that make us who we are.  It's the Saturday morning breakfast in your pajamas.  It's the dancing in the kitchen.  It's hide and seek on a rainy day.  It is the kisses that make it all better and a look you get from across the room.  It's the quiet times AND the chaos.  It's in these moment where you exist.  Be honest.  Be you.  And...thirty-something years from now, when you are looking through your photos, you can FEEL what you felt that day.  You can relive the beauty that is your everyday life.  

If you are interested in booking a Day in the Life session with me, all you need to do is reach out.  I cannot wait to hear from you, learn about your family, and answer any questions you might have.