I'm sure you'll have some questions, so let me answer some for you...


Q.  What is documentary photography exactly? Do I have to do anything?  How are we supposed to act?

Documentary family photography is a photojournalistic approach to capturing your family as you are, in your truthful, REAL moments.  You just be YOU.  Do whatever it is you do.  There is no posing.  There are no alterations to your environment.  You will just carry on about your day as you always would.  It will be my job to put everyone at ease and hope that our time together just feels like a friend is spending the day with your family.  Trust me, it is not long before you won't even realize there is a camera in my hand.  


Q.  If I book a mini session, will it take place in our home or at a location?   

That is completely up to you.  No matter where the session takes place, it should be a place that is comfortable and special to you.  The places you enjoy, go to often, and are part of your routine are most important to your story.  These are the places that will be most meaningful to you in the years to come.


Q.  Do we need to plan our entire day for a "Day in the life" session?

Not necessarily.  You can always suggest a few options for activities to get the session rolling.  For example, some families may want to cook breakfast together.  Take a little trip to the grocery store.  Maybe morning baths?  Really whatever activities that will allow your children to just be themselves and get comfortable with the idea that another person is there joining in on the fun of their day.  Having something for them to do gives them the opportunity to just be themselves.  


Q.  How should we dress for our day/session?

You should dress yourselves the way you would typically dress for your normal everyday.  This is not the kind of session that requires you to buy new clothes or coordinate outfits or plan what you will wear.  The more comfortably dressed you all are, the more comfortable you will be for your day.  My only suggestion would be to avoid brands/logos if at all possible. 


Q.  What if our child/children aren't exactly on their best behavior? 

This is real life.  Children behave the way they should behave because, well, they are children.  I have two kiddos, and as a mom, there is absolutely no judgement from me.  In fact, it is this exact authentic and purely unfiltered behavior that I aim to capture.  To me, the more real it gets, the better.  Unless their is a moment that requires your immediate attention or discipline, do not feel the pressure to do so on my behalf.  Documenting these moments of your family at this exact point in your life, is what a Day in the Life session is all about.  


Q.  Do we need to have an immaculate clean house?  

Absolutely NOT!  Think of me as a close friend who is over for a visit.  You can tidy up like you may normally do, but please do not go out of your way to clean every nook and cranny of your house.  Think of it like this.  Do you make your bed every morning? If the answer is no, then don't make your bed just for this day.  Again, just do as you would normally do.  It is your real life, and whatever mess you have, will only enrich your story.  


Q.  What if we would really like some traditional portraits of our family?  Is this something you would be able to do?

I completely understand the desire to have photos of your family looking their best and smiling all together.  It is always nice to have photos of your family that you want to give to family members and friends.  If this is something that you would like to do, all I ask is that you let me know ahead of time.  We would take just a few minutes at some point in your day to attempt a few traditional portraits of your family together.  I would offer some direction as to keep the children engaged long enough to get a few shots.  Please keep in mind, there is no guarantee children will be willing to cooperate or feel up to it.  We will certainly give it our best effort, but I will not push the children to far in order to get the shot.


Q.  What does "print release" mean?

Whenever digital files are purchased, a print release gives you permission to print your files for non-commercial purposes.  You may, with permission under the print release, print an unlimited amount of copies in any size, and also share watermarked versions of these images on the web.  The copyright and artistic ownership, however, remains with me.


Q.  What if we wish to keep our images private?

As a normal industry standard, a model release allows me to use any images for marketing or portfolio purposes.  With that said, if given permission to use these images, if you do not wish to have your real names in connection to any of these images, I will respect the request to your privacy.  


Q.  What happens if I have to cancel for some reason?

Session retainers are non-refundable.  If you must cancel more than 7 days before your scheduled session, your session retainer can be applied to reschedule at a future date.  However, should you cancel less than 7 days before your scheduled session, I reserve the right to retain the session fee.  


Q.  I would like to order some additional print items, is this possible?

Of course.  If there are prints or albums you would like to purchase a la carte, I would be happy to help you.  I have a menu list of items that you may choose from.  


If you have any other important questions, I would be so happy to answer them for you.  Please feel free to contact me.  I would love to hear from you.