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A Boy and His Trampoline | Illinois Family Documentary Photography

So far, the best purchase we have made this year, in the name of fun, has been this trampoline.  When you are six, you can just jump, jump, jump your way through the day.  No matter the weather.  It's been one hot summer, but you can find this kiddo outside playing on his trampoline.  You will have no complaints from his dad and I.  This sure beats hearing, "but, I am so bored" on repeat. 

As August comes around, first grade will be right around the corner, summer will come to its abrupt end, and I'll be so thankful that I have spent what time we have had outside documenting our family and the summer of 2016.  In the months to come, this trampoline will feel its share of thunderstorms, will collect plenty of snow, and will be anxiously awaiting spring like we do every year after suffering through cabin fever from December-March.  Hopefully, next year he won't be "too cool" for his trampoline.  


A Day in the Life, Peoria, Illinois | Family Documentary Photographer

For some time, I had been hoping for the day that I would get the opportunity to shoot a Day in the Life session.  When Janel of Janel Peyton Photography answered my ad on Facebook to find a family who was willing and excited to allow me to document a day in their life, I couldn't be more thrilled.  Janel and I met through Instagram a few years ago and have had the pleasure of watching her family grow over the past few years.  Documenting their day was such an honor for me.  It was everything I had hoped it would be.  I couldn't be more smitten with this family.  

A day in the life with the Peyton's is a morning snuggling in bed with mommy, pancake making, lego building, homeschooling, picnicking, hiking, ice-cream tasting, farmer's marketing, water hosing, car-washing, bubble-bathing, flying through the air with Daddy, bedtime storying, and parent's night outing kind of day.  A perfect day, in my book.  Just take a look...

Are you living in the Peoria, IL | Chicago, IL | Central IL area? If you would like to inquire about a Day in the Life family documentary session, please contact me here.  

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