Illinois Family Documentary Photographer | A Perfectly Imperfect Day with The Blank Family

Some days.

Some days include waking up too early to get the kids off to school, but you still need all the sleep.  You pack the lunches.  Someone "doesn't feel" good, but you're not sure what that means.  You do the drop-offs and the carpools.  Your work won't stop calling, and you need to fix things.  There are dishes in the sink from...whenever.  You can't remember the last time you saw the bottom of your sink.  You have your list of things that must get done today "or else", then the school calls.  You're on your way back to school to pick up the one who "doesn't feel good".  You divide and conquer.  You almost forget about gymnastics tonight.  Now, you have to break it to the kids that they won't be going to the pumpkin patch after all, as you promised.  There are tears.  Take out is for dinner.  You're still taking phone calls at bath time because well, it's work, and you have to.  Now, it's bedtime and kids get a little wired.  There's homework.  Always with the homework.  Kids are in bed.  Good night.  You still need to eat dinner.  

Then, some days.  

Some days you wake up early and your kiddos smile and kiss you good morning.  Everything is good.  You write sweet, encouraging notes and put them in lunch boxes.  In between hugs, you steal a quick kiss with your spouse by the sink.  You play fun songs in the car and dance.  You sing loud.  You swing.  You laugh.  You visit with friends.  You laugh a lot.  Everyone gets a pickle, and everyone is happy.  You're spontaneous.  You'll go wherever anyone wants to go.  You divide and conquer.  You wipe tears and give hugs.  You make it all better.  You sing some more.  You make everyone fly.  You read stories with special voices.  You cuddle.  You give love and feel the love. Day is done.  

Even the not-so-good-days can be the best days.  It all depends on how you see it.  On this day, one very special day in October, with one of my dearest and closest friends in the world, I saw a family.  A loving family.  Doing their best to be the best for everyone.  And, it was beautiful.  After all, what is more beautiful than love?

Some days, are perfectly imperfect!