Day in the Life with the Peyton Family | Illinois Family Documentary Photographer

I am so passionate about documenting the beautiful, ordinary everyday.  There is so much magic that happens in our day to day lives.  So many special moments that could be overlooked or taken for granted.  Our lives, our children, our families change so quickly and its so easy to forget what it was like.

Well, I don't want to forget.  I want to relish in every moment before its gone.  I want to remember how our six-year old dresses up all "fancy" at the dinner table.  I want to remember how our 11-month old screams his head off whenever he is waiting for food, or how he shakes his head when he "dances".  I want to remember how our kids look at their dad like he is the greatest man in the world when he reads bedtime stories.  

 As an Illinois family documentary photographer, it is my goal to give the gift of memories to families.  I want you to see what I see.  The magic of your everyday.   Your family is so special, so unique.  It is all of the little things you do, how you are when you are together, your everyday, that makes you who you are.  Your everyday is your story.  I want to tell those stories.  

Thank you to the Peyton Family who so graciously accepted me into their home to share a Day in the life.  After this incredible day spent with them and their three boys, I couldn't be more certain that this is exactly what I am meant to be doing.